The Digital Practitioner’s Almanac – 2

In Part 1, I discussed three points digital practitioner's should keep in mind, to successfully adopt Digital. The first was the Iceberg Principle, which suggests that digitization of the middle and back office is as important as, digitizing the front end and often requires more effort. The second was the concept of Fail Fast, that… Continue reading The Digital Practitioner’s Almanac – 2

The Digital Practitioner’s Almanac -1

As firms think about leveraging Digital to create competitive advantage, there are different perspectives and points of view on what enables success. I have created a ready reckoner, that I believe captures key considerations that will enable firms to successfully adopt Digital. For example, a consideration for organizations implementing Digital and AI is, to whether… Continue reading The Digital Practitioner’s Almanac -1

On Cloud 9 – Declutter your IT to make room for Organizational Growth

Decluttering is a powerful analogy to explain why organizations should embrace Cloud. Over the years organizations collect a mish mash of technology assets, driven by M&A, legacy technology which is difficult to sunset, unused capacity as one must design for peak demand, spaghetti code, desire to embrace the next best shiny toy, organizational structures and so… Continue reading On Cloud 9 – Declutter your IT to make room for Organizational Growth